New Mexico Jack Russell Rescue is member of a regional network dedicated to placing unwanted or abandoned Jack Russell Terriers. The Network arranges for emergency rescues throughout the state, and gathers information designed to match them with appropriate permanent or foster homes. It is entirely funded by donations and supported by Jack Russell Terrier lovers throughout the southwest.  


Starbuck (aka Ali) is ready for adoption!

Starbuck is a 10-month-old puppy that came to Jack Russell Rescue 12 weeks ago. Starbuck has been in a special foster care situation to correct an anxiety disorder.

While Starbuck has been in foster care she's also been learning basic obedience (heel, sit, stay, down) and she is thriving in this environment.

Starbuck loves going on walks, JRT fun days, dog parks, and anywhere else. While she has been living with another dog, cats, and a bird we do not recommend her living with birds or cats as she has started to show fairly high prey drive common to Jack Russells.

She's great with other dogs of all sizes. Starbuck also has no dominance issues towards other dogs or people; however, if a scuffle starts, she will want to finish it just like any Jack Russell.

We would like to see Starbuck's forever home be an active home which is Jack friendly. Starbuck will thrive on agility training and any activity that works her mind and body.

Starbuck is currently on medication for her anxiety disorder and the completion of the 6-month treatment is requirement for adoption. Once she is in a home her foster mom is more than willing to do house calls for training/behavior if needed. Please do not let her past dictate her future; this is a sweet, active, loving dog.

Please contact Jack Russell Rescue of NM for more information.


Poppy or Pop Top is a tri colored, rough coated, 12 inch bundle of affection. Her tail has not been docked.

Found near Los Lunas she was initially not very trusting of people although she was and is very good with other dogs. As time passes she is more afectionate with humans although she's still leary of very young children.

Poppy is very obedient and loves to please, whether she's using a previously learned skill or learning a new one. She's very bright and physically quick and would make a great little performance dog.

Please contact Jack Russell Rescue for more information.



One thing clear about Dot is that she likes to run! Her favorite outside pastime is to run the fenceline, usually along with neighborhood cars. When she's inside her second favorite thing, next to dinner, is to lie next to you o the couch and watch tv.

Dot is a broken coated tri color, probably 3 to 4 years old. She has a very easy temperment and loves people and other dogs. She's easy to train and loves learning new skills.

She's very fast and focused and would make a great racing dog for someone or she can be a couch potato and just soak up love.

For more information about Dot please contact Jack Russell Rescue.


This little girl is about 1 year old and her name is Cindy. She is in a foster with a family who has two children one boy 8 years and one 11 years.

Cindy was found wandering the streets in Tularosa trying to get something to eat out of trash cans. Her front leg was sprained and swollen., it is now healed.

She was very scared when she came into Animal Control, she is still scared but likes adults, she tries to jump in the foster dad's arms to be held. She likes men most and it took her a day longer to warm up to the foster mom.

She is crate and house trained. She is very scared of children but her foster kids work with her by offering her treats so she trust children more. We think she got abused by a woman and children. She does walk on a leash but tries to hide when other people approach.She loves to play in the garden with a ball. She will probably do best in a home without children.

If you can't adopt Cindy please consider fostering her. If she is in the Albuquerque area instead of Alamogordo we stand a greater chance of placing her.

For more information please contact Jack Russell Rescue of NM